Designed to equip coaches with the skill, savvy, and strategy to navigate and prevent the challenges associated with clients who have a chronic dieting history. 


Designed to equip coaches with the skill, savvy, and strategy to navigate and prevent the challenges associated with clients who have a chronic dieting history.


Each year, there’s a new fad diet trend or protocol that promises to strip off those dreaded pounds and inches. In a state of blissful ignorance and hope, many of our current clients have previously fallen for these false promises long before ever beginning their coaching relationship with you. Chronic dieting is not without consequence, and can rear its head and stall transformations in many ways…


❌ Inability to lose or maintain weight 

❌ Frustration, irritation, and diet fatigue 

❌ Poor Biofeedback and Quality of Life 

❌ Compromised performance and lethargy 

❌ Hormonal adaptations and dysregulation 

❌ Nutrient deficiencies 

❌ Reproductive health concerns 

❌ Inability to build muscle 

❌ Unsustainable calorie counts


✅ How to better understand metabolism and adaptive physiology so that you can create the best program possible for your clients

✅ How to interpret signs of symptoms of metabolic adaptation so that you can prevent it in your own clients’ transformations 

✅ How to use evidence-based nutritional protocols and interventions to optimize aesthetics, physique responsiveness, and overall health

✅ How to navigate and troubleshoot common obstacles faced by the chronic dieter so that you can be the last coach they ever need 

✅ When to implement reverse diets, diet breaks, or maintenance phases so that you or your clients aren’t left wondering “what’s next?”


​​Before a coach can be THE clear solution to the chronic dieting, yo-yo diet, or weight regain problem, a coach must understand metabolic adaptation and chronic dieting in ways never taught by baseline nutrition and training certifications….

Before the creation of this masterclass, you would have needed: 

Years on hundreds of client cases,
Hours diving into the latest research articles, and
Dozens of frustrated or lost clients.

Instead, you can get:

Two hours of precisely what you need, and nothing you don’t.
Sample client case applications and frameworks to save you time and eliminate guesswork.
Consolidated cheat sheets to prevent headaches or the need to memorize thousands of research studies.

You will feel more confident and equipped in:

Understanding the implications of chronic dieting on total daily energy expenditure.
Interpreting client biofeedback, signs, and symptoms of metabolic adaptation.
Investigating the hallmark indicators of a chronic dieting history, even if your client doesn't report it.
Designing sustainable client-centric protocols that account for past diets' depth, duration, and frequency. 


The Truth About Chronic Dieting and Metabolic Adaptation

While restrictive dieting may seem like a recent problem, the truth is these approaches have existed for centuries — even dating back to popular authors like Lulu Hunt Peters, who glorified caloric restriction as early as 1918.

But these issues have only compounded with today’s diet culture and the instant gratification society. No longer can coaches expect the majority of their job to be filled with “clean slate” clients. Unfortunately, the 21st century has been characterized by an influx of diets popularized by social media, celebrities, and a handful of snake oil sales associates looking to make a quick buck. 

Walk-in any grocery store or book store, perform a quick google search or swipe on social media, and you’ll be inundated with hacks, fads, or quick fixes to address weight loss and fat loss. The alarming truth is that the vast majority of these have about a 5% success rate which drives folks to look for a new solution, frequently leaving them even worse off than they were to start with.


Statistically speaking, we know that we have a weight regain problem as a society. Most people who attempt to lose weight (at least 10% of their body weight) are successful. The statistics are different depending on the source, but around 50-70% of people will have regained all the weight they lost within one year of weight loss. Further, 85% of people will gain it all back within two years of losing it. Within three years of weight loss, 95% of people will have gained it all back. The success rate of diets is ~5%, and most are equally terrible.


If this wasn’t bad enough, one-third to two-thirds of the people who regain weight will add more weight than they initially lost. Not only do they fail to maintain their weight loss, but they end up worse than before they ever started dieting.

If, after watching the class and doing the classwork, you are not more confident in your understanding of metabolic adaptation and the consequences of chronic dieting, you can have your money back.



 Sam has spent over the last decade in the health, fitness, and nutrition coaching space and now helps other coaches improve their client results, retention, and revenue through his programs. Sam obtained his Masters degree from North Carolina State University and his Bachelors of Science from Elon University in North Carolina. He has built his reputation as an online coach, educator, podcast host, and mentor dedicated to providing strategic yet straightforward ways to amplify your results either as a coach or in your transformation… (without being a dick about it). Through workshops, classes, mentorships, and his specialization program Sam has served over 1,000 coaches around the globe just like you. In addition to his programs, he has been featured as a speaker for companies like the social media giant "LinkedIn" as well as a guest contributor for brands such as Barbell Shrugged, Muscle Intelligence, T-Nation, Elite FTS, Tailored Coaching Method, Ever Forward Radio, and Active Life Rx.